Freshlist for iPhone

Reduces Stress

Every morning you wake up with a clean slate. Items you did not finish the previous day are cleared so you are less inclined to try to tackle too much in one day.

Not bloated with features

Freshlist only does one thing really well: keeps track of items you wish to complete by the end of the day. This way you can focus less on organizing your tasks and more on completing them.

Easy to use

Creating new tasks and marking them off is very natural. I put a lot of time into creating an appealing and familiar interface.

Use it on the web

If you are curious if this type of workflow will work for you, you can try out a similar app created by Chris Kalani called Todokyo.


"The interface is beautiful, minimal, and just works" -

"Freshlist is a very simple (and gorgeous) task manager...Ask yourself: What do I want to get done today? The answer? Download Freshlist" -

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